Starter Kit

The simplest way to download Samsara is by clicking this button!

Starter Kit

Inside you'll find:

Directory Description
samsara AMD source files. Samsara is currently developed using require.js.
dist CommonJS bundle. Useful for building with browserify, or including directly into an HTML document.
examples Documented examples. These use the AMD files and require.js
docs API Reference documentation

Remember to also include the samsara.css file in any website using Samsara. This file is located in dist/samsara.css and in samsara/samsara.css.


Install the CommonJS build of Samsara with

npm install samsarajs


Clone Samsara from GitHub

git clone

This is the preferred method for development on Samsara and remains the most up to date.

Window Object

To expose Samsara on the browser's window object, include the samsara.js bundle in a <script> tag. The files can be found in the starter kit's dist folder, or on GitHub.

<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/samsara.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="path/to/samsara.css"/>

Samsara acts as a namespace for all of Samsara's components. For instance, you'll find Surface in window.Samsara.DOM.Surface.

Namespace Differences

There is a capitalization difference between the AMD and CommonJS and window namespaces. For AMD, all but the filename is lowercase, and for CommonJS and the window object, everything is uppercase.

var Transitionable = require('samsara/core/Transitionable')   // AMD
var Transitionable = require('samsarajs').Core.Transitionable // CommonJS
var Transitionable = Samsara.Core.Transitionable              // window object

Currently we bundle everything up into the samsarajs namespace for the CommonJS format, though this may change in the future if users would like a modular CommonJS build of Samsara.